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CondorCreative, post: 133070 wrote:
Ughh….. if you think you’re going to get yourself a proper logo for $20, then good luck to you! flyingpig.gif

Ummmmm no it can’t, because as I have stated I gather all this info before doing a thing with the logo itself. Now you’re starting to generally accuse designers that gather this info as just doing it to “look good” and to add some “fluff” but implying that they don’t even use it!?

I’m not accusing you or any particular designers of anything. I am saying the possibility of getting crap works exist no matter what your budget is or where you are and who you hire. If you are going to charge more and claim more things like “we’ll research etc” the client needs to know why and what a impact that difference brings.

As I had said, if you can demonstrate that your designs will increase my profit, brand loyalty, time spent of site etc… anything really… in a measurable way. If not… we’ll what’s it all for?

CondorCreative, post: 133070 wrote:
You can keep calling it fluff all you want, but I’d say most designers (again, I am not one) take pride in delivering the best logo they can and that is why they do all this extra “fluff” (or not do as you imply).

It’s not meant to be offensive. Fluff is just a fun word I use to describe anything that could be added into a pitch/product as a value-add but doesn’t really do anything, like when people say, I add a personal touch – because the other guy is soulless robot. :P

It’s only fluff until it’s real though, I’d pay for “a personal touch” if the guy designing my logo was famous award winning for example…

CondorCreative, post: 133070 wrote:
We wouldn’t be able to do that as because as I said, creating a good logo is not about the one that looks the prettiest, it’s about what is right for the business itself.

This is the part we are stuck on – we seem to actually agree on everything else despite what appear to be 5 pages of arguing… :)

The only thing I am asking is….

How can it be demonstrated what is right for business and how will your work (or any designers for that matter) be measured? As I mentioned about the BP 3.4 M logo… there would have been some damn huge outcomes and deliverables required on that project…

what would I get from $549 package?

As I understand it so far.

1. Guaranteed originality – def a good thing.
2. High quality communication – def a good thing.
3. You taking a interest in my needs – also a good thing.
4. You producing a quality logo that will…. (i’ll let you finish this bit)…

is there anything else? Now all of the above are great but how will that make my business better, or bring me more revenue, or peak more interest from consumers or land more sales… The only thing you are really selling with the first three options IMHO is peace of mind. (which is a great selling tool) but can you give me more?