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Zava Design, post: 133118 wrote:
We have different definitions of what a professional designer is, that’s apparent.

And yet then you come out with something more in line with what a professional designer actually is.

You want to talk “bottom line”? I could almost guarantee that a good designer creating an effective website would improve the effectiveness of your Click and Save site. And that’s exactly the kind of service I offer my clients, creating high quality, effective websites for them. THAT is what a designer is, not someone making “shiny things”.

Whereas a $20 logo is just a shiny thing.

1. My website was was made my a good local designer. Feel free continue taking pot shots as I have quite thick skin :)

2. Then guarantee it, not “almost guarantee” it. What’s an “almost gaurentee” is that where you take my money and then claim success if it works but deny failure if is doesn’t? I will pay you what ever you charge as long as you make me more. Deal? – Obviously you have to be able to demonstrate what you do in a way that can be measured.

3. I have never said you don’t offer a good service. What I have said how ever is there are MANY Aussie designers claiming to do what you do (the full service package with a guaranteed bottom line impact) when in reality all they actually do is deliver the same output as what I can get on Odesk just at 15 times the price. This is why a recommend Odesk as a solution to people who have small budgets.

If you have a big budget and can afford a proven business with a good rep and great track record. Go with that every time. If you have a small budget, why should I trust you or condor if you are not willing to offer me insights as to how you can demonstrate your value?