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Hi I tend to agree with Kahlib that often it isn’t a worthwhile direction to take financially. Good appointment setters cost a lot because they are good. Cheap ones burn a lot of leads and could give you a bad rep.

I know you probably don’t like doing it yourself and probably will rationalise you should spend your time doing more productive activity, and I have thought the same thing myself in the past but have come to realise it is one of the most valuable actives you can get into to build your business. It keeps you in touch with what the target markets emotional drivers are, or in other words what problems they have that your products would solve.

The best part is listening to the exact words your prospects use to describe their issues and how they would like them solved. This means you can use this in your marketing messages as well as your sales presentations. By doing the appointment setting yourself you can change things as your markets wants and desires change.