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bridiej, post: 133025 wrote:
We’ll have to agree to disagree on this one ;)

I remember in the UK when the likes of Easyjet and Ryanair came alone, all the big airlines were up in arms because their flights were so cheap they’d never be able to compete with them and would go out of business. But guess what? That never happened. There’s room in the marketplace for everyone – those who want to get to their destination as cheap as possible and those who are willing to pay a premium for inflight entertainment, meals and comfort. Same with business services.

Meet me back here in 2022 and we’ll see which of us was right :)

You seem to have miss understood me.

Zava probably summed it up well when he said…

ZAVA, post: 133025 wrote:
Will average creatives be forced to look for a new career? Yes, which can’t be a bad thing imho.

There will always be room and work for quality designers that can produce great results, although I think the future will be more about delivering outcomes (like bottom-line impact) than producing creative work.

The only bold claim I am really making is that too many locals over charge and under deliver. These are the people that will no longer exist in 2022.

If you can’t DEMONSTRATE a MEASURABLE outcome that validates your pricing model, than as it was labelled earlier in this thread by Condor… all you are doing is making pretty pictures. And if all you are doing is making pretty pictures… well, I can get that done on Odesk for 1/15 of the price your charging.