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Zava Design, post: 133121 wrote:
And actually, this might be a great analogy for the rest of this discussion: If someone really wanted to, they could go and have their eye operation done by the Hollows Foundation in India. It will be done with older equipment; the operating theatre may not be quite as sterile as it would be in Australia; and if something went wrong they may not have quite the expertise to deal with the complications. But in the majority of cases, it should be fine. Should be.

I’m glad you pointed this out… as I believe you.

All I have been trying to say is that there are a lot of designers operating in Aus, claiming they produce Australian quality when really they are producing the above (anology) based quality.

You do not need to take me for a fool, I am well aware of the the difference between Hollows and DWB, I put the link on a separate lines thinking you would understand they were separate references.

The point still remains. You cannot, will not or are unable to produce any evidence to suggest your work will be better for my bottom line than any one else’s work, so there for it’s best to just attack me.