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Zava Design, post: 133125 wrote:
You really just want to argue rather than learn anything, that’s apparent.

Let’s look at just some of the issues I’ve come across with regards to badly built sites just recently:
– badly coded front end, resulting in slow loading speeds, inconsistent display across different browsers, bad display on mobile devices, bad SEO performance
– badly coded or set up admin, resulting in content being entered not dislaying well, or breaking the site since php/html may have not been filtered from being entered, time consuming for client due to confusing admin set up.

That’s just the main code base… I could spend even longer on the site architecture, fonts being used, how images are being delivered from the server, visual hierarchy and how that effects comprehension and user actions and responses, content markup… I could probably name a dozen more elements, all of which I could deconstruct any site with, and most of which I could provide real world examples of how it can impact the real world effectiveness of your site.

But you’re not paying me, so that’s plenty of free consultancy from me. :)

I am deliberately trying NOT to argue,

I am asking the same question over and over and over again. I agree with you 100% that poorly built/designed websites, logos, apps etc… are all bad.

I am asking: How do you deliver a measurable difference from ALL the other guys out there in the market claiming they do the exact same thing as you but actually don’t.

If I had a say $5000 budget and my choice was between you and say Condor to create my logo. What outcomes would you offer in order to win the account?