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Zava Design, post: 133149 wrote:
Seriously, FFS, I just gave a list of elements with regards to web design & development. Why not think for yourself a little for once in this thread, extrapolate, and realise that could also be done by the relevant professional for their area of expertise. I myself don’t offer logo design as a standalone service, so you would need to go ask a logo designer for the specifics on that specific service. As you would a car mechanic, hair dresser, masseuse, and whatever other professional service you can think of.

Easy up turbo :)

YOu have told me elements for sound design or quality work. Things that should be inherit and really anything anyone does.

I wasn’t asking what elements make certian things or processors good.

I am asking. If I hire you, over any one else, will there be a visible difference in my bank account due to what you deliver and how do you demonstrate there will.

And so far you have avoided answering the question by attacking me, my views, my site… what else you got? As I said I have thing skin and enjoy complex discussion…