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happygirl, post: 133310 wrote:
Personally, If I were in that situation, I would not make any assumptions but ask the client if they were for personal or business purposes.

(I would do this in writing). If he says it is for personal purposes – then I would ask him if he was aware that is an accounting convention called “Business Entity Conventation” whereby you cannot mix personal and business expenses. He may not even be aware of this – and you are now providing him with knowledge in an area that you should be imparting to clients when required (as with all the other doctrines and conventions!)

If he is mixing personal and business then I would not do it – simply based on my business ethics and I am not going to do something that I know is wrong.

My outlook is it is very dangerous to make assumptions on anything – the best way intially is to go to the source and ask!. Think there is something that people say about assumptions making something!!! :-)

but is it really your right/requirement to tell another business owner how to structure things?
I understand your point of ethics on it – but I simply wouldn’t tell you whether it was for personal or business.

If I had told you, and If you then started telling me about how I should, or shouldn’t, organise my finances, you wouldn’t get the work. purely because, your ethics aside, I feel like it’s none of your business.

Not only that – but you’re not an accountant – should you really be giving someone financial advice? (Obviously, unless you are an accountant)

if you’re specifically being asked to do something that would be illegal, it’s a bit different. But you don’t know you’re being asked to do something illegal. You’re simply being asked to clean 3 premises, and provide one invoice.