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HI Tom, the rate for 2011-12 was 15c for every $1 OVER $6000. (It has changed for the coming year 2013.)

That would mean $22790 minus $6000 = $16790. $16790 x 15c = $2518.50 tax. But you also have to add the Medicare levy which is 1.5% – approx $338.60 on $22790 according to their table here
. If you have deductions, children etc it can be reduced. But best to ask someone at the tax office.

What this means is that if your PAYG says that the employer deducted $3010 and you only need to pay $2857.10 you will receive a REFUND of a small amount. However if it was the other way round, then you would owe money to the tax office.

These are just examples – your tax depends on your family situation and deductions. This is why you should talk to someone at the ATO or an accountant. You can also go to the taxation office and talk to someone in person who can help you with your tax return.

(I am not an accountant – this is just an example, not legal advice.)

All the best.