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The other techniques are link building which you have chosen to ignore for some reason – this is what separates the winners and the losers.

You can also squeeze more out of on-site SEO if you do a better job at it. For example you say “Add keywords into titles, urls and heading tags” but there’s a big difference between adding random keywords and doing detailed keyword research and analysis to discover the right keywords to add.

You say “Write long-tail content with keywords” but there’s a big difference between buying some crappy content from Fiverr and hiring a copywriter to come up with a really high quality piece.

You say “Links are not ‘click here’ but rather ‘for-more-on-relevant-content-title’ ” – actually this type of anchor text manipulation was flagged during the updates earlier this year. An SEO professional who stays on top of industry developments would know this.

The key here is competition. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in a market that has little to no competition then the simple techniques you mentioned, even being deployed by an amateur, will probably be enough to get you to rank but in more competitive markets, obviously everyone would have done the easy stuff so you have to do more to get the edge.

This ‘more’ would include the things already discussed plus creating better content, stronger relationships, better links etc.