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Snakeman, post: 133527 wrote:
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“Create compelling content for your intended visitors… Don’t write content for Search Engines.” is one of the great lies you hear time and time again.

Winners for competitive searches often don’t do this.
That’s why often the first site on a results page is garbage.
The secret is keywords in the right places, a nice amount of text on the page (not defined here) and of course piles of quality backlinks from as many “high ranking” sources as possible, as in things like .gov and the like.
The best site in the world won’t even get to page one for a competitive search without the SEO methods just given and regardless of content!

All the bestSeriously?

That type if SEO is what I am hoping Google is going to stamp out, the sooner the better.

If this is what you are basing your SEO strategy on then it’s only a matter of time before you get spanked.