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Freddy @ InMktgWeTrust
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cokele, post: 133630 wrote:
However there are too many “experts’ out there trying to sell their services. Guess I have to read about SEO, at least I know when ‘ experts’ are talking rubbish.

And you should!! What most “decent SEOs are trying to do is to see how google views your site/activity online and pass on the message of what google want from you:
Do correct marketing, have good products with clear information and promote it “organically”*

for the reading section, I’d recommend you start with Seomoz guide
and SEObook. You can also do a whole bunch of videos try Search engine land one (nice and easy) or directly from Google’s team. The one guy everyone refers to is Matt Cutt, head of the search quality team (the guys that track the crap SEOs)

*: Word of Mouth, presence marketing, PR, Newsjacking, Social presence and interaction, Mingle with influencers/bloggers, etc