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wordit, post: 133567 wrote:
I have built an app using PhoneGap for Android. Over the past year PG has made huge progress in giving access to native device functionality. I tried accessing the microphone and it was a breeze, media playback works well too. And this was all still on Android 2.2.

You can largely avoid the server-side stuff for data-driven apps by using CouchDB where the html/css/js lives in the database, which is itself a web server.

My goal is to only use server-side functions for general stuff like sending email and backups, or payment processing. I think that is doable.
I’m building for the web first since my service is for writers, and mobile is not strong on keyboard use ;-)

PG is a commercially available product with quite a few users. I’m sure it basically works. And where you get your HTML et al from is really neither here nor there.

But the moment an app needs to start processing data, programmers are required to start reading and manipulating lots of database records; something that requires server side code.

PG and the other products are great if you’re using web services that others have provided. But what do you do when you’re making an app for a client who for example, has a small ERP system running on their server and wants their sales guys to be able to access data remotely via an app? Sales summaries, outstanding debts and all the other information that might be wanted nearly always require programming.

It’s this bit of the development cycle I’m referring to.