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James Bull, post: 133675 wrote:
Hi Alan,

I hope you don’t mind if I say I think you’re asking the wrong question.

Rather than comment on your existing website, I’d like to throw back a few questions for you to consider.

(1) What are your business objectives?
(2) How does (or should) your website support those business objectives?
(3) What are the needs of your target audience?
(4) What features, functions, content, and other attributes does your existing website have, or not have, that correspond to your answers to the above three questions?

The “design” of your website (putting aside for a moment any debate about what “design” means) is not the right place to start. When people comment on a website with no knowledge of the underlying business or the needs of the audience, the result is often a lively but not necessarily productive discussion that focuses on visual design attributes.

(Having said all that…I recommend that the visual design brief for your new website specifies no white text on black background, please. Hard to read for many people.)

Hope this helps, and good to bump into another Perth-ite on this forum.



Absolutely fantastic feedback. I should probably clarify a few of the elements of the site ( although I realise that if I need to clarify them then they obviously aren’t working – cringe). Ok, here goes: when we sat down to design the site my brief was really that the site was to ‘sell myself’. The elements such as the Relaxation Zone and the blog were really there as ‘add-ons’ to add interest I guess. I wanted to take a different approach from the hoards of light and airy, soft and fluffy hypnotherapy sites out there. You know the kind: photos of happy smiling couple running along the beach, piles of stones and so forth. I wanted to project something that was more professional.

My clientèle back in Glasgow tended to be more affluent and I did reasonably well in what was a small niche market. My plan was – and is even more so here – to focus on selling myself as *The* Hypnotherapist of choice. Yes I am good and I believe in my skills (I hold one of the highest UK qualifications to be had). My concern though is *should* I be selling myself i.e. as a brand (ish), or, should I return to a more conventional means of selling my wares on the ‘net.

If I’m honest I’d rather focus on me as a ‘brand’ or ‘name’ and try to pull in more lucrative clients and gigs – I’m moving into personal development seminars as well – rather than sit back and be content with simply treating the occasional patient for weight loss or smoking cessation.

Arrrggghh! Now I’m definitely going to have to think deeply about this!

Once again, many, many thanks for the opinion. Appreciated.