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Hi there

been reading this thread with interest and there is a couple of things that I think are worth adding, which don’t have a lot to do with your website.

1. If you are that clear on your target audience, then you need to start hanging out where they hang out (physically and metaphorically). Stressed execs maybe? Then get meetings with senior HR people in government/corporations. The mining field is a great one to target in WA. Small business owners? Then join your local business association and go to the networking events. And guest blogging on popular sites that are also targeting your audience is a great way to start to build a reputation.

2. I recently went to a workshop about personal branding led by Ben Angel (http://www.benangel.com.au). He specialises in exactly what you need – how to brand yourself as THE go-to person in your niche. Check him out.

Good luck