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James Bull, post: 134380 wrote:
Hi Alan,

By this, do you mean your website needs to lead your marketing efforts, or be the most significant feature of your marketing plan?

If that’s what you’re saying, you may be at risk of putting the cart before the horse. For example, the process of developing your marketing plan may lead you to the conclusion that other activities will give you a better return on investment (e.g. face-to-face business networking as mentioned in Nicole’s post). Websites are not the be-all and end-all by any stretch of the imagination.

Remember – your business/marketing planning drives your website planning, not the other way around.



Hi James, what I mean is that given financial constraints and my geographical location the website will have to be at the forefront of any marketing plan i.e. it would be nice to go to networking meetings in Perth CBD three or four times a week, but financially I can’t at the moment afford to do that. As I’m down in Mandurah it’s also not practical to travel into Perth every day as well, hence my view that the website has to be the main or lead element in the strategy. Other elements such as flyers, adverts and so forth don’t provide a big enough ROI when compared to a decent website with good reciprocal links – the majority of my work back in the UK came from either word of mouth or a link on one particular website. Here though I need to quadruple the enquiries to make the business financially viable.

Today’s task: thinking about the user journey :-)