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Khalid Adam, post: 134383 wrote:
It’s all in your mind. I’ve been around long enough to know that most serious players don’t care about your website or personalized email.

I know successful professional services firms who use bigpond or iinet as their email addy.

The word “professional” is subjective and to me, a person who judges another by their appearance or email address has too many clients or doesn’t have sufficient experience.

I am reminded of the luxury car salesperson who lost a big sale because he looked down on a not so well dressed prospect who turned out to be a millionaire.

Look, if you know your niche or sub culture, you don’t need to worry too much about peripherals.

If you are a golf trainer specializing in left handed male midgets, you will have no “shortage” of clients – even if you use hotmail.

Credibility and authority is demonstrated through substance.Kahlid. you are surely aware that first impressions count, especially when you are new to business.

Credibility and authority are demonstrated through substance, yes, but being able to offer substance when you can’t get through the front door.

My business pitch may be amazing, but if I am an unknown to the business people in the room, and I turn up wearing thongs and a singlet, would they give me the funding I ask for?

You may ‘know’ people who are successful who use a unprofessional email address, but a) That really means little. b) I am willing to assume that these people are already so well known that is doesn’t matter what email address they use, and c) they are of your generation – you would struggle to find a person of my generation who would use a non professional email address.

The antidote about the car salesman has zero relevance as he is doing the selling (and doing a poor job as a salesman should never make silly assumptions), not buying. If the car salesman was wearing crocs and VB t shirt, and was still making sales, well, that’s would be a different story.

Yes, if you have some sort of bizarre niche that only you serve, you might be able to get away with it. Most people are in slightly more competitive areas of business.

Impressions matter – especially to people new to business. To suggest otherwise is simply wrong and it would be poor advice to people on these forums.

Clothing, spelling, punctuation, grammar and confidence are all first impressions that stick.