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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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As always, I’m here to offer a different perspective that works. I’m just going by my current experience dealing with successful entrepreneurs.

I’m guessing people don’t mind because i start off with sharing info that matters to them and not anything about me, my services, etc. I don’t even have a plan to sell them anything – but that’s me.

The example of the salesperson is relevant because it comes down to mindset. Don’t assume that the one buying is more important or has greater negotiating power.

If you grasped customer lifetime value, you would invest more time disqualifying than qualifying. Don’t fall for “the customer is king” myth.

Email marketing is a different kettle of fish and only works best when combined with direct mail and yes, you can have a personal email address.

Business owners are not stupid. They have been ripped off by “suits” on multiple occasions. They don’t judge you by your email address. Your criteria as a professional is very different to that of an entrepreneur who’s had at least 3 years experience. They’ll give you a fair go if you show that you care.

If you’re peddling SEO, then you need to obviously act your part. A printer needs to have a business card. It’s too close to home to not have one.

I don’t have a website, allowed my domain to expire, use my email personal gmail address, only have a 100 people following and 6 talking on FB Fan page and i still get people asking me to do their online and social media marketing for them after receiving some info that is “unprofessional” to say the least.

It comes down to your positioning and your customer profile. Get it right and you won’t have to worry too much about peripherals.

Customers want to feel appreciated and understood. You don’t need a branded email, business cards or website to do this. That can come later. sometime never.

Pick up the phone, dial the number of a prospect from your target market. If they meet your criteria, send them info that “exposes” others in your industry via your personal gmail address, have an effective follow up and conversion system and watch the magic happen in as little as 30 calls.

The best marketing happens under the radar and we live in an age where online marketers use offline tactics to get clients. It’s counter intuitive and it works wonders.