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Finding the right people for small business can be frustrating and expensive. There are a number of things that all business owners can learn about making this a better experience for everyone.

To answer your question, you could choose a selection method – interviewing, personality tests, on-the-job test, assessment centre, etc – based on what information you need to know to have some certainty that the candidate has the right abilities, skills and knowledge and approach for your business.

What do you need to know about this person that you don’t know already?
What are you testing them for?
Choose a method of getting information that tells you the most about what you are looking for.

For example, if you need to know how well the candidates develop rapport with people because this is important to the job, interviewing is good because they have to do this with you and others interviewing.
Assessment centre is very good to see how people work together in different situations but extremely expensive and time consuming to run – better if you are recruiting lots of people together.
Personality tests – be careful with these as you can get bogged down in too much information if you not exactly sure what you are looking for.
Written information about how good they are at rapport is not as good as seeing them because what you want to see is how they actually do it, if possible. Or something approximating that.

Get the idea?

For small business, you want to be focused in on the abilities of the person – what’s fundamental to their DNA and what potential they have, such as developed initiative, willing to help, willing to learn, willing to be flexible, able to work in a small team, etc.

My business, Wise Work, helps small business owners to learn as many aspects of finding the right people and keeping the right people as they like.

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Happy to keep talking…!
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Nora Stewart