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Thanks Steve and Nathan…

Yeah the main problem is approaching SME’s in Australia as many Business owners just don’t like emailing them especially from oversea’s…

I always put my heart & soul into my work but due to few negative experiences someone like me is ignored by someone like you…

What should be my Marketing strategy then? I can’t wait for more business through referrals of my existing clients…I want to go out there and tell people about my experience,qualifications,ethics, professionalism ,cost savings and create awareness etc…Networking events would be a good start but being oversea’s doesn’t allow me to put a face to the name….. What do you think?

For privacy , confidentiality there are always ways to ensure that it is maintained with NDA’s and Privacy agreements…I take privacy very seriously with a simple mindset that I treat my clients files and records as mine … with a good attitude off course

Its a bitter truth that even my this post won’t have much response because I’m operating from oversea’s… sad :(

Would love to see your responses…