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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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A good point. If you do some research, you’ll witness patterns. High performers always work counter intuitively and are usually unreasonable. This spans across races and nations.

You also have to define productivity for yourself. For some, it’s building empires, some reaching a daily target and then off to the beach and others working between 7-4 and the mobiles are off.

I started this thread to find out who else might be aware of idiosyncracies of successful that would be deemed or perceived as ludicrous, unreasonable, counter productive by the general community.

I got one more and then i’m going to wait and see if anyone else would like to add to the list based on what they believe, heard or experienced from others:

Making clients jump through hoops before meeting them face to face or via skype. When a prospect insists on meeting face to face, a non refundable deposit is required before the meeting. It’s primarily a disqualifiaiton process and many “qualified” prospects go away annoyed.

Why would anyone want to do this? Hint 1: life time value. Hint 2: Quality of client Hint 3. average transaction size.

eStrategyPro.com, post: 0 wrote:
Sometimes we must discern whether productivity happens because of it or in spite of it.

For example, was Apple’s success due to Steve Jobs being a jerk? Or despite him being a jerk? If it’s the latter, maybe Apple could be more successful if Jobs was not a jerk?