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Khalid Adam, post: 135352 wrote:
High performers always work counter intuitively and are usually unreasonable.

You’ve said this twice now. If I’m to be a truly objective viewer, I need to see some demonstration of this, because as yet I’m unconvinced. Most of the high achievers I’m aware of have a strong track record of following the tried and tested techniques for running business. They may have thrown in the odd good idea here or there, but fundamentally the businesses they run are solid and adhere to the classical views of business.

Khalid Adam, post: 135352 wrote:
When a prospect insists on meeting face to face, a non refundable deposit is required before the meeting.

Yet more hyperbole.

This is an arguably reasonable statement if, and only if, you have so much business that you can afford to refuse some. “To common folks like us”, as you said previously, simply challenging the legitimacy of a prospective client up front is not only offensive to the prospect, but will doubtless lose you some good business, and big pile of good will.

Clearly it is necessary to qualify prospects as best we can and to ensure that we don’t waste our time with tyre kickers, the point I suspect the comment is really making, but to specifically challenge the veracity and integrity of a potential client up front is fairly pointless, and probably utterly arrogant.

If I get 2 hours work from a client and it costs me two hours to get it, that’s fine. I’m building a client base, building a network, and trying very hard to build a reputation for integrity, impartiality and objectivity. If I meet a prospect and it doesn’t pan out, I’m still doing the same. That meeting still has a value.

And what about retailers? Should they ask for 20c for every customer who walks in, just in case they are only browsing.