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Emity Lane
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spinninghill, post: 134360 wrote:
Not out of the box, but I would think your target market would be 17-21yo males who a) like to change their wheels regularly and b) can’t afford to buy brand new wheels (esp becasue they change them so regularly)

PS, although there are already sales sites outthere, I do see room for niche sites – if you can connect with the right market effectively

I respectfully disagree with what you presume his target market would be as the majority of people I associate with are in the business of buying mags and we are all aged 24-40 (but yes teens do buy them too.)

I think this idea is FANTASTIC!!!!! Don’t listen to the naysayers because there are so many people I know that would love to have exactly this as currently it is extremely difficult to find mags you like-especially if you are after a particular type as you have to shop around for ages! I love it!!! I would think maybe have an entry page that is a mag wheel and when you click to enter it drives off the page into a wicked gallery. I reckon you would benefit too from listing car events that are happening so that people who buy from your site know the best places to go to show them. You could also incorporate a forum for car enthusiasts to come and chat about all things mag and car related and a blog on how best to look after your mags. So many ideas come to mind and I am amazed that my partner didn’t think of it to be quite honest hahaha! Good luck!!! If you want to bounce ideas around feel free to pm me. :)