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LemonChip Web Design, post: 134238 wrote:
Hey guys,

I have been toying with an idea recently and thought I’d throw it out there for some ideas / criticism.

I have been thinking of running a periodic (fortnightly / monthly) webinar on web sites / online business etc. Kind of like a 30 minute classroom session geared toward SMB’s relating to online business, the idea essentially is to give business owners some ideas on some simple little things which could give them a big boost with their business.

I had imagined that I could run it using G+ because they have some pretty sweet group video chat features, and it would be a good way to connect on a social network as well.

So my question is… Do you think that’s something which could be interesting to you, or to other business owners? And if so, what kind of things would you want to talk about?

I have actually thought that a fun way of choosing topics would be to ask business owners and let them put forward suggestions etc for talking points during the session.

At the moment I had thought of some broad topics such as:
– Email & email marketing
– Social network website integration
– Web video techniques
– Business case studies
– Google Analytics reports & strategy

What do you guys think?


This is a really great suggestion.

I think it would definitely be interesting.

Those topics are ideal.

To be honest, I’m only just learning about what a “webinar” is – how does it actually work?

  • Do people (the audience) require a video camera to be set up or can they just watch you speak for 30 minutes?
  • Also, how much contribution does the audience have?