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You are the one making the claim so you are the one who has the burden of proof

Zava Design, post: 134306 wrote:
EMDs have had no greater weighting than including keywords in the page name for at least a couple of years, probably a lot more.

So far I haven’t seen any compelling evidence from you to back up this claim.

The complexity and ever changing nature of Google’s algorithm makes it an extremely difficult thing to study, so while you may have done some “research” I find it highly unlikely that it justifies anything approaching the 100% certainly you claim to have on this issue.

SEOmoz’s Search Ranking Factors survey is widely regarded as the best research into Google’s algorithm and their results suggest that EMDs do carry extra weight http://www.seomoz.org/article/search-ranking-factors#metrics
Certainly its not perfect, but could we reasonably say its likely to be more accurate that your “research”?

Further, how do you account for the fact that Matt Cutts has tweeted that Google has released an algo targeting low quality EMDs? If EMDs had no extra weight why would this be necessary? Are you claiming more knowledge about the algo than Matt Cutts and Google themselves?