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NickMorris, post: 134340 wrote:
You are the one making the claim so you are the one who has the burden of proof
Umm, no I’m not. In the absence of something being (ie. God, EDMs having value) it is those claiming that being to be real who have the burden of proof.

So far I haven’t seen any compelling evidence from you to back up this claim.

Did you miss my really quick demo just a page back?

So just out of curiousity, can you show me any kind of 5 minutes evidence that shows EMDs carry any weight? Or are you just relying on what others are writing/saying? You see, I did rely on that for the first few weeks of my adsense money making venture, was sold on it as much as anyone else reading the usual SEO blogs/resources, until I realised I was getting just as good results from non EDMs with every other aspect being equal. That was also about the time I began to learn that a lot of other claims from SEO “experts” were hot air and not much else, and that good SEO really boiled down to half a dozen or so key elements that weren’t brain surgery, just involved a bit of time and some decent copywriting.

I’m sorry, but whatever some blogger from Google, and a site selling SEO tools might say (and I value a lot of what SEOmoz have to say) in the end, for me, the proof was in the pudding.

And just because I’m not specifically in the business of selling SEO tools like SEOmoz, does my 15 years in the web industry – designer, developer, project manager and now business owner – mean I have no chance of actually discovering an insight that might have some truth to it, with no real vested interest in why I would contradict what other “higher profile” folk might claim?