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Zava Design, post: 134355 wrote:
Umm, no I’m not. In the absence of something being (ie. God, EDMs having value) it is those claiming that being to be real who have the burden of proof.

Its not about being and unbeing, its about who’s making a claim.

“There is no God”

“Homeopathy doesn’t work”

“EMDs have extra weight in the algo”

“EMDs have had no greater weighting than including keywords in the page name for at least a couple of years, probably a lot more.”

These are all claims for which the person making them has the burden of proof.

What you should’ve said was that you don’t think there’s any evidence that EMDs have extra weight in the algorithm but what you actually did was make a positive claim that EMDs have no extra weight in the algorithm, this is the same as making the positive claim that God does not exist – both are claims that need evidence to back them up.

Maybe your research technique is as revolutionary as you claim it to be but just stating “I have done a lot of research” isn’t evidence that anyone should take seriously.

The way you have described it, it sounds like your research was haphazard at best. What was your methodology? How big was your data set? How did you isolate the EMD aspect to the exclusion of all other factors when you don’t have a clue what other factors there are?

You seem very skeptical of evidence from others on this issue – SEOmoz, Google and Matt Cutts but you don’t turn the same skeptical eye on yourself.

Normally I’d be happy to let you wallow in your own ignorance but I fear that your high post count might make you seem like some kind of authority to those who don’t know any better.

We need to be careful because humans are very good at fooling themselves. People doing their own research at home can come up with justifications for all kinds of crazy claims – aliens, conspiracy theories, ghosts, water diving, gambling systems, homeopathy, the loch ness monster – if we accept this kind of evidence we are liable to believe almost anything.