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NickMorris, post: 134366 wrote:
Maybe your research technique is as revolutionary as you claim it to be but just stating “I have done a lot of research” isn’t evidence that anyone should take seriously.
I don’t claim it as revolutionary, just as pretty in depth. So far you’ve provided none of your own. Should we expect to see any soon??

The way you have described it, it sounds like your research was haphazard at best. What was your methodology? How big was your data set? How did you isolate the EMD aspect to the exclusion of all other factors when you don’t have a clue what other factors there are?

Data set was across about 20 different keyword groups, roughly about 12-20 keywords/phrases per group.

And all aspects were the same apart from EMD v non EMD.

You seem very skeptical of evidence from others on this issue – SEOmoz, Google and Matt Cutts but you don’t turn the same skeptical eye on yourself.

Wow, that’s a big call from a mere few forum posts. You really have no clue how harsh I may judge myself. I’d avoid making judgements on someone with minimal information.

SEOmoz has a vested interest in certain viewpoints. I actually do value their views in many areas, I am of the opinion that perhaps in the area of EMDs they may be a little outdated. I didn’t hold that opinion at first, took all that they said as gospel. But I proved myself wrong in this particular area. As I seek to do often.

As to Matt Cutts, as I mentioned previously none of us have any idea for certain if he’s referring to EMD weighting now, or historically and carried over until now on old/aged EMDs (a bit like page rank).

Normally I’d be happy to let you wallow in your own ignorance but I fear that your high post count might make you seem like some kind of authority to those who don’t know any better.

Wow, and this probably reveals a lot about you. Seems in your eyes I’m not good enough or have worthy enough experience to have maybe done some research that could actually be valid. Seems since I don’t have an SEO blog, or am selling SEO expertise, or whatever else you think would make my viewpoint valid, that it should all just be dismissed.

Seems my 15 years working as a professional in the web/digital industry, majority of that time working with clients of the calibre of the Commonwealth Bank, HSBC, Arnott’s, Toyota Australia, Panasonic et al… that gives me no authority in the matter at all, is that what you’re saying? I’m certainly not saying that gives me more authority than SEOmoz, or even you for that matter, but it seems you’re saying I have no authority on the matter. Is that correct?

Meanwhile, I’ll wait patiently for any evidence from you that EMDs carry any weight. Anything will do, so we can actually stick to discussion on the subject at hand, rather than resorting to personal insults.