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The history of EMD’s in SERPs is indisputable it is the very reason why Google have introduced the change…

As they say themselves, the change is aimed at reducing the numbers of low quality EMD’s showing in results…

or in other words – “Hello guys, this is Google, we’re introducing a change to try do something about the low quality EMDs showing in results”

So, there is no dispute at Google, or SEO Round Table, or SEOMoz or… or… about low quality EMD’s having too much SERPs real estate.

The problem is big enough to be addressed by Google right now.

Why would anybody argue that Google are wrong in their observation about their own index? Nobody here has a bigger dataset than them! Nobody here can say they have examined more results than Google has!

Good luck to them in the cleanup, I’d love to see EMD’s fall away unless they are genuine brands.