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Hi Michael

Seeing as I’m your target market (in another State!) during my day job, here are some quick suggestions on how you can increase the trust/credibility factor in your content.

– Include your tertiary qualification(s) in the About page.

– Include your photo in the About page.

– Include testimonials from clients (this is really important!)… If you dont’ have many of these yet, use testimonials from previous employees.

-When you’re referring to the the time it took to obtain an approval, rather saying x months, put it in the context of “ahead of schedule” or “on time” etc. Always think about it from the client’s point of view.

– For the Project Examples, in addition to what you did, focus on how you did it.. what unique elements did you bring to the project? What was the outcome and how does it benefit the client? What standard was achieved? Was it on budget, on time?… all those types of things

-Some section Eg. “Waste” need further information (maybe leave them out until you have further info.

-Rather than referring to “State” or “Commonwealth” refer to the specific departments to reflect your familiarity with them. Also refer to the formal permit names eg (section on Daunia Mine Water License).

-If you’re working in approvals, I would expect some reference in your website to your existing relationships with relevant government officers and your ability to negotiate etc..

– For consistency/readability, when referring to government agency, use their current name.

– Personally, I would remove the Resources page, especially if it’s prone to broken links.. I wouldn’t be asking potential clients to be notifying you of problems.

– Make sure the content/text on your site is 110% correct as this is a reflection of your writing skills and attention to detail which will be important to the client. For example your “Rehabilitation and Closure” link on your Services page links to the “Rehabilitation and Revegetation” page.

-For the Project Examples, can you add the company names to the projects? I take it you gained this experience whilst you were an employee/contractor, rather than a consultant? If this is the case, I think it should be acknowledged, however not entirely sure on the best way to do this.

-Also, I agree with James’ comments regarding the we/I issue.

Other suggestions:

Remove all reference to WordPress themes on your site, including the favicon.
Add your contact details to the site header.
When you can afford it, invest in professionally designed website to be consistent with your professional image… your clients will expect this :)

Sorry, was meant to be quick! Hope this helps.


One more thing… not sure if you’re casting the net too wide re: your target market. My observation over the years is that it is the niche consultants that have a constant (over) supply of work, regardless of whether there’s boom time or not… just a thought.