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It’s not uncommon these days for suppliers of product or service to charge a transaction fee if a customer/client is paying by credit card. In these cases though it should only be an amount to literally cover the cost to you for accepting the payment by credit card – not to profit from. So, if you were to set up a merchant facility through a bank, or even use paypal you might be able to cover some of the cost to your business this way.

In a previous job we had a merchant facility, which was somewhere around the $25-$30 per month for “terminal rental” (minimum fee each month) + you got a fee for each transaction. From memory it was around 0.75% for Mastercard/Visa. They also had a merchant account with Amex (which could be processed through the same Eftpos terminal) and the fee was around 3% I think – so, they did actually charge the clients paying by card these additional percentages to have the fees covered.