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The Copy Chick
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I’ve only had 2 clients ask to pay via credit card and I used my PayPal account for this. I advised them up front that I preferred EFT payment, as the PayPal fees were rather excessive and if they wanted to use this method, I would need to add the cost of the transaction fees.

One client was quite happy to pay the fees (which were about $10), the other decided to use the EFT option (their fees would have been about $22).

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to pass on the fees – providing the client is aware of this BEFORE you charge them and they have been given other fee-free payment options.

The only problem is, once you add a fee to cover the processing charge for the actual invoice, PayPal then calculate the fee on top of the charge you have added. I pay the difference between the final fee charge and what has been calculated on the invoice and charged to the client.