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ark8architects, post: 134442 wrote:
Hi fellow soloists,

I’m in a bit of knot here deciding which tech tools would be the best for mobile presentations. Can anyone please help with comments and suggestions?
The parameters are as follows:-

1. Presentations are primarily in living rooms, offices and on the odd occasions in cafes. Thus, generally brightly-lit areas with little control over ambient light.
2. Microsoft-based system
3. System must pack a fair amount of grunt due to the work that I do
4. As light and portable as possible
5. Cost-effective
6. Ability to mouse if possible

My options so far are:-
1. Traditional laptop + mobile projector (handheld usb-powered?)

2. Tablet PC
a. ASUS Eee B121
b. Lenovo X230T
c. Fujitec
d. Samsung Slate 7

Any comments and other suggestions would be welcome! Thank you

The question that needs answering is how much “grunt” you really need.

If you’re really just showing Powerpoint slides, you don’t need much at all. But if you need a machine capable of running more complex applications, you’ll need a larger processor, and that means a laptop.