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Greg W
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Shane Walker, post: 135312 wrote:
Hi GregW! It’s Shane Walker here.

The problem with setting up subdomains is that Google views them as another site. So therefore, you will be starting from scratch to be able to get them ranked etc…If you already have raised a reasonable amount of traffic coming to your site and that’s where you wish the people to continue to come to, I would place my store on the actual site and continue to link and drive traffic to that.

Hope this helps.


Hi Shane,

Yeh, dilemma is that if I switch to the saas ecommerce route, subdomain is only option to have a blog of substance.

I know i could retain blog on sub directory through current drupal site, but I am really over the constant administration of drupal to have it just work. It takes a lot of time away from actual content creation plus I fear once I have a shopping cart it would to difficult to tame on own, hence shopify has become an an option to convert site from blog to shop.