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Thanks for the link Terence,

I guess one key difference is that while we offer ready made processes, these can be altered to meet your particular needs. Also any unique & specific processes you have can also be configured in just a matter of days.

The NUhRTURE platform can support from 1 to many hundreds of staff/users, and is about providing process driven business automation which can be strategically configured to adapt as your business changes – providing Continuous Business Improvement.

On the face of it, I would recommend SohoOS for one person operations, but if you are looking at growing your business, eventually taking on more staff etc, then you may need to look at something different.

For those of you familiar with Michael Gerber’s E-myth books, we support automating those documented processes, where it makes sense to do so, on a technology platform which can scale out and adapt as your business expands.


Automating Your Documented Procedures