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Feeling rather grateful I have turned to here for advice because I am appreciating all the feedback and different outlooks. Just to clear up I haven’t accepted any credit card details and am not storing any info, I so far only offer bank deposit, paypal and people can pay by credit card via paypal but I don’t see those details so I don’t know if they are or not so I’m at the stage of looking into accepting credit card payments now but have not accepted any in the past and yes I am an online e-commerce site with ashop :)

To be honest when I first started looking spending the few hundred dollars up front with the 3rd party companies did freak me out and I did lean more towards the zero up front payments with big fees over the months, purely because at the moment I feel that this month I have forked out a lot of money on expenses and it just seems like that is all I’m doing (but hey I have 2 ads in Cleo out of it so its not all bad) but I let this one month of expenses cloud my judgement over what is best for me long term (I’m learning along the way).

I think I misunderstood the 3rd party system, I thought I would have to pay St George still a montly fee, plus a percentage of sales and if that didn’t reach the minimum amount then pay that ON TOP OF all the payments and sign up fees to a company such as Eway. After reading Scrooge’s first suggestion about being better off with a third party I’ve realised that I wouldn’t be paying St George all the above fees I would just be paying a sign up cost with Eway and then for me $0.50 per transaction which now looks a lot better if I have understood this correctly.

I already have a merchant account with St George and have checked with them that it can accept payments so that is good and ready to go, so if I understand correctly I just need to now set things up with Eway and go from there if I choose them and their system.

Small business like me at this time the few hundred does seem like a lot but over the space of a year it would be cheaper than the St George terminal by the looks of it, I noticed they mentioned about getting an SSL security certificate, is that something I definitely need being online or is the just having eway set up cover enough security things?

I am sitting here thinking it is probably worth spending more money and be with a company that looks like it is the most trusted and best system with Australia, before I signed up with Ashop I used JustHost and template monster to get my site set up (was a suggestion from a friend) and use them because they were free if I went with one of their sister companies for the cart, I got hacked within 6 days of opening and then hacked multiple times over the space of a weekend 9 months later so I have learned the valuable lesson avoid anything that offers stuff for free and sometimes it pays to spend the extra money to be with the top of the range companies.

Currently reading more into Eway’s page as we speak, am I right in saying that they are one of the biggest and most trusted systems in Aus?