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Hi All,

There has been some great information shared on this thread already but thought that I might share some more information.

When implementing a payment gateway solution into your website one of the biggest things that you need to remember is that in many instances you need to get a web developer to integrate the functionality into your website. Some payment gateways have a plugin for certain types of e-commerce sites but you should check with them.

Also, when it comes to fees you need to remember that you will still be paying the bank their merchant fee as well as any monthly fees. The payment gateway will then charge you an addition fee per transaction and possibly a monthly or annual fee. So you need to take into consideration all of these costs.

When it comes to PCI compliance this is a requirement for ALL merchants. There are different tiers based on the number of transactions that you process. Whilst a payment gateway will have a certain level of compliance, you cannot infer that you are compliant to that level. Granted, some of the technology that they have implemented for their own compliance greatly influences some of your requirements, but there are other measures that need to met that cannot occur inside the payment gateway environment.

You should always have security on your own website.

All this advice is very generalised. I recommend speaking with the payment gateway (and possibly the bank again) you wish to implement to satisfy yourself that the solution is what you understand and what you are looking for.

Unfortunately, there is a level at which it does not make sense to implement a 3rd party payment gateway and a bank solution or PayPal is the right solution. I would not rule out investigating a PayPal plugin or integration that will allow you to accept credit cards on your website.

Good Luck,