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Been doing some SSL certificate research and I saw on a previous post in the forums that sometimes the best place to go is with your host, checked out Ashops faq section about it and came across this

“Ashop Commerce shopping cart provides 128 bit Secure Socket Layer protection free of charge. This is the highest industry-standard encryption to transmit credit card information securely on its way from the shopper to our computers, and from our computers to you, the merchant.

Ashop Commerce is also Level 1 PCI DSS compliant meaning the entire admin and storefront process including customer payments are at the highest levels of online security. Tested by McAfee.com.”

So looks like I already have one, I just went to my site and pretended to be a customer and go through checkout and the little padlock comes up ahead of the address and when I hover over the padlock it says “verified Digicert Inc” so am quite happy with that discovery as I was looking at purchasing one, sorry estrategypro.com I think I just did you out of a sale but thanks anyway :)