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Yeah I’m sitting here still talking over the phone situation with my Mum and am learning more towards the cheap sim, plus my Mum spends hours on the phone of a night, you know how we are all in a digital era for contact, well she still uses the phone for that, more old school. So there would be times if they called they wouldn’t get through for hours lol.

Good point about the scalability, I did a rough calculation recently and if I remember correctly I’ve had over 100 individual customers with a fair few of them return multiple times so yeah my lil store would in no way compete customer wise for the phone with your business (at least for now hehe).

I can completely understand how frustrated you must get, would be similar to some emails I get saying “Hi I’ve been wearing this particular sized bra for about a year and I think I’ve put on weight and need bigger cups, what size do you think I am now?” Like as if I’m some bra whisperer and will just know without any measurements or description that I will know their size lol. Luckily I’m still quite patient and enjoy it all so I just shake my head and then get back to them and help them out.