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Divert To Mobile, post: 135003 wrote:
For the myob experts out there.
Is it possible to get MYOB to send an emails automatically upon sale entry or entry of receipt of payment or both?

Hi Steve, dumb question maybe, but what sort of emails do you want to send? Do you mean an invoice? Or a receipt? If the latter, what was the trigger for your clients paying you in the first place, ie did you send them an invoice, you now want to send a receipt because they’ve paid you? Or something else.

I have set up a really simple process for a client who does just this – she emails invoice to clients. She used to run Quickbooks and then had to also manually email a receipt. With Xero’s new online invoices the client can print their own receipt as soon as she has receipted their payment against the invoice.

Re converting to Xero:

Have been for some time but dread the migration.

It can be really easy and relatively painless – we do conversions from a flat fee of $300, including an hour of training. If you have a bit more data volume or you need that data tidied up before you convert it we would quote you, but still generally not an expensive exercise.

Happy to give you a quote on this if you are interested.

Cheers, Rhys