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Thank you for this suggestion but how on earth can I trust a Company to be honest about the sales they make i.e every puzzle using my pictures, especially as they are in the States?

Hi Lesley,

To answer the above – you could include a clause in any licensing agreement that they will furnish you with relevant accounts records each month/quarter/year etc so you can see that they are paying the agreed upon royalty. These ‘accounts’ would be printed straight from their accounts software and should clearly indicate a quantity sold. It’s quite standard to have this sort of clause in an agreement of this nature.

I agree though that a flat $500 fee for 3 years doesn’t seem particularly reasonable. I wonder if the company would have information available that provides an indication of sales levels of other puzzles of this nature? You might be able to get an idea of a fairer fee based on those numbers.

I imagine the US company will provide an agreement to you, as this will no doubt be something that they do a lot of. I would strongly encourage you to have any agreement reviewed and advised upon before you sign it. Chances are they will draft as much in their favour as possible so you want to be certain it’s fair to you as well.

All the best with it :)