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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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Some good advice. If you are doing this on your own, please use templates as guideline and invest in a good advisor or do a course on crafting royalty contracts. Maybe there is some grant since you are exporting intellectual property as an artist/phoographer.

Contract has to be water tight, iron clad and this will switch you from an artist into a dealmaker in their eyes. You will command more respect.

You need to ask what else and what next you can offer to continue the relationship. Beware of one nighters.

They approached you so they will probably be interested in other photographs that have yet to be taken.

Don’t think like a vendor. Think like a partner. How else can you enhance their revenue?

In the most industries, you die if you are a one hit wonder. This is no different.

Advanced tip:

Think about their peers in the US and Australia. Approach them and share your story and ask how you can assist. They will more thank likely come on board – later.

Once you have a handful, write a book on it, offer coaching programs, become a toll gate for photographers and artists, offer group coaching, consulting, seminars, etc

As you can see, it’s a goldmine so invest in yourself and make the transition from solo with limited resources to resourceful entrepreneur.

All the best.