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JacquiPryor, post: 135230 wrote:
I would absolutely suggest you have contracts in place with any independent contractors – these should outline how long the position will go for, the scope of the work they are expected to perform and when/how much they will be paid. You should also include clauses that they won’t solicit your customers etc.

A solicitor will be best to help draft a contract that’s appropriate for your business and the contractors you have in mind.

Hi There,

I am sure that you all know this – but there is a major difference between independant contractors (and that is if they are really deemed legally to be independant contractors) vs casual employees and how you engage them in your business.

Casual employees are entitled to certain benefits (Superannuation, potential “award” salaries, PAYG deducted from their remuneration etc, etc), whereas TRUE independent contractors do not receive any of the above payments/deductions, and should not be issued with the templated casual engagement contract as FWA.

Be very careful if you hire someone under the “guise” of being an independant contractor to avoid employer obligations both to them and the legislatively – major fines if you do this. Sounds like casuals may be the route to go given the very basic info you have provided, but as mentioned contracts of employment, all legislative entitlements etc need that need to be paid/deducted must be considered.