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Agree with Scrooge. You are a “wild dog” but where is the bite?

The layout and look itself is nice and clean but it doesn’t quite match what you would expect from the name. While it is a little tame I think it could still work if you work in a “wild dog” with the logo and some selectively used “wild” brand elements. It doesn’t have to be over the top, yes you are a web designer, you still need to show people that you can align design elements properly. But if you are “wild dog web” then you need to show them that you have a bit of edge.

Regarding the gallery I think you can add some more space in-between your sites and the gallery images themselves need to be bigger. Thumbnails are too cramped and try at least 700px wide but probably more like 800 or 900px for those gallery images. Those will still load of phones and don’t worry about loading time people need to be able to see your work if they are going to hire you.

Think the wording on the homepage could use some work too. But it is way to late to be giving grammar advice :)

Best of luck and don’t get discouraged. There is some promise there, just keep on polishing!