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Hi Joel,

I’m looking at this purely from a visitor’s perspective – am not a web designer by any stretch of the imagination… Overall design etc seems ok to me.

GA is telling me that 35% of visitors are only staying on the site for 1-10seconds, which is telling me something isn’t catching there attention..

Being mindful I’m coming from a visitor’s perspective… Nothing in the initial heading/content of your home page actually says you do web design. Granted, you talk about creation of online presence etc – but for some people this won’t necessarily mean web design (or they won’t understand that’s what it means). Some people are still perhaps a little behind the times and when looking for a web designer online will need something that says ‘web designer’ immediately or might move onto a site that says this.

So, if you’re finding people don’t move past the home page, and as silly as it sounds perhaps something that clearly says web design could help?

I agree with earlier poster’s comments regarding the gallery page – remove the “little bit sad” reference… make the first line a positive not a negative.

I’d like to see a couple more pages at that site (which perhaps you already have in the works behind the scenes) – Services page, clearly outline what you do. Pricing page of some form. I also like to see a little more on a contact page – ABN and email address.

All the best with it and hope the above is of assistance :)