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Joel Krause
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Thanks guys,

I’ve made a few little changes, including changing some of the copy on the site. (And the spelling mistake of individual, I should also double check my spelling!)

With the front text, I’ve changed the size and changed it to a more generic, ‘We craft websites’… I did think that maybe for some people what I previously had was a little out there and some people may not understand that what I infact do is make websites.

More pages are definently in the works, I just wanted to get my basic stuff out there and build upon that. I was thinking today of where to put the ABN, should I chuck it in the footer, along with a contact phone number, or put it on the contact or about page?

There is more work in the building stage now, and soon will have some more up there! I already have clients that were waiting for me to startup then get me to do some work. And today I have gotten together with a local graphic designer to do a bit of work with her.

Thanks guys for the helpful notes! There is still a bit needed to do to get it going, but soon it will be up and running nicely… Hopefully.