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CondorCreative, post: 135488 wrote:
Hi Nathan,

Yes, I personally am located in WA, however we have shareholders all around Australia and the company is registered in NSW, so I guess that’s the law we run under?

Hmmm… That’s an interesting question.

Being that the business is registered in NSW you should be able to run the competition with out any problems. NSW has the most relaxed laws in the country. You probably won’t even need a permit!

My only concern is that because the competition is digital and perhaps open to even international entrants you may need to touch base with each state level government body and double check that you won’t breach state laws.

My experience with the various gaming authorities specifically relates to live events held in bricks and mortar buildings so interstate/international entrants has never been a consideration. That being said, the company I used to work for also operates in a partnership with an online poker website where they frequently hold competitions and it is my understanding that Australia actually has no specific laws prohibiting or regulating such competition.

Definitely best to touch base with the NSW gaming authority. They should be able to tell you if there is anything you need to do before green lighting your promotion but I suspect that you will be good to go with out much hassle.