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Hi Alex,

First thought is that the site is cut off part way down the page. You’ve got a lot of white space there, about 2/3 of the screen on first viewing.

You might want to explain what analogue photography is, or link it to the Wikipedia explanation as many won’t know. Some will, but not all.

I like the colours you’re using for the site and the logo – looks great.

You’re not making good use of your site title. You just have AT Images but if no-one knows your business name and they’re searching on what you do, then it would make sense to add more words in the title of your website. You also don’t appear to have any keywords or description entered into your website. These are useful when people are doing search engines searches for your website and help provide a description of your site in those searches.

Why have you got your blog opening in a different format? People can’t get back to your main site from the blog. They should be able to hit home and go back to your main page. I expected to click on the blog and stay on that tab but instead it opened a new tab and suddenly a different look. Of course that might have been your intention and that’s ok but if people close the first tab they won’t be able to get back to your main site.