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Hi All

I tend to agree the post before me – well certainly from our perspective anyway. In the early stages (which I think is probably the best time to take action though), we simply did not have the budget to create a design (by the way I think “professional” is open to interpretation also) that would have been professional, fresh and really engaging. We had to move fwd with the resources we had at the time or borrow, which we were simply not in a position to do.

In the end, it took longer but we did grow and create the cash resources to be able to review design and enhance things within and around the website. It may well be that it is simply a case of the economics of it all.

Also, another thing we notice, is that in the early stages single operator businesses tend to have to be a jack of all trades because of resources available to them on a financial basis – hence we tend to try the whole scope of things that a business needs, one of which is design. We mostly are not graphic designers but have to settle for what we can do ourselves.

Here is an “outside the box” concept for designers out there. If this point made is the case, what if the designer some how had a way to assist the start up business financially in regards to payment of the account? It would be select customers for sure and maybe some security involved in some way, but what if you financed the job in some way to allow the company you are doing the work to achieve design elements that would give them the kick and would create more work for your company also. Yes, I know it would have to be a secure thing for you but just a radical thought.

The plot thickens…