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Stuart B
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I agree it’s not undervalued at all, I think it’s more a problem of education because people don’t generally understand the difference between getting some uber cheap setup done, and paying decent money for a decent product.

I have had a number of clients who came to me, I quoted them on a setup that would do very good things for their business, but in the end they balked at the price, that’s just life. They found someone who charged a 3rd of the price and they went with them.

The vast majority of them end up coming BACK to me within 6 – 12 months apologising for not listening to me earlier. It’s a bummer because then they have to re-spend to get the result they actually wanted. They got the education they needed in design, they just did it the hard / expensive way.

In the end they definitely value good design, so I think it’s just a matter of education in many cases.